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Central Alabama Radiation Oncology delivers treatment using the most sophisticated and modern technology of its kind in Alabama.

State-of-the-art machinery combined with advanced computer technology and specialized software help ensure the best results. Some of our technologies include:

Linear Accelerators

Radiation therapy is delivered using Varian Medical Systems’ TrueBeamT™ and Clinac® 21IX linear accelerators. The TrueBeamT™ provides advanced imaging and motion management technologies which target tumors with pinpoint accuracy allowing shorter treatment times. Many types of cancer, including complex cases where a tumor is located in the lungs, breast, liver, abdomen, head or neck are treated with this machine. The Clinac® 21IX delivers exact doses to the patient in the lowest number of monitor units without sacrificing efficacy. Other innovative features include the highest resolution multileaf collimator to treat even the smallest lesions, and technically precise beam control for miniscule accuracy in radiation delivery.

Eclipse™ by Varian

Eclipse™ by Varian is a comprehensive treatment planning system that allows physicians to quickly and effectively tailor plans for each patient, and supports image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and Dynamic Adaptive Radiation Therapy (DART™).

Varibuckan ARIA®

Varian ARIA® oncology information software aggregates patient data into an oncology-specific fully-electronic medical chart, streamlining your care.

The Varian On-Board Imager® (OBI)

The Varian On-Board Imager® (OBI) allows clinicians to make faster and better-informed decisions on whether to continue current treatment or change course and also provides image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for improved tumor targeting and potentially lower doses.

Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB

We use Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB's radiosurgery platform to offer many features, including the ability to locate and treat tumors that move with respiration.

Varian RPM Respiratory Gating

Varian RPM Respiratory Gating offers gating tumors located in the chest and abdomen.

BrainLAB ExacTrac X-Ray 6D Adaptive

The BrainLAB ExacTrac X-Ray 6D Adaptive precisely captures the location of tumors moving with respiration, allowing direct treatment of the tumor while avoiding other non-targeted areas of the body.

BrainLAB's iPLAN

BrainLAB's iPLAN is software designed specifically for radiosurgeons and provides sophisticated planning technologies.


Brachytherapy treats cancer by placing radioactive sources directly into or by the treatment area. This enables clinicians to deliver a high dose with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues.

Philips' AcQSim3

The Philips' AcQSim3 simulation workstation allows clinicians to view volume-rendered Digitally Composited Radiographs (DCRs) alongside detailed vascular, soft tissue, bony, and abnormal structures. The simulator’s virtual fluoroscopy permits fast target definition and incorporates 4D gated imaging data.

Philips Pinnacle3 Radiation Therapy Planning System

Philips Pinnacle3 Radiation Therapy Planning System volumetric rendering allows us to visualize actual patient anatomy. This software saves valuable time by custom shaping organ models according to specialty or reshaping pre-defined 3D organ structure models to fit the patient's organs.

Philips' Model Based Segmentation (MBS)

Philips' Model Based Segmentation (MBS) software aids image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) by offering a library of predefined organ structure models that automatically reshape to fit a patient's organs, saving valuable time. MBS also allows for custom models, and allows physicians to quickly adapt treatment plans based on a patient's response.

Philips P3IMRT

Philips P3IMRT integrates with Pinnacle3 and AcQSim3, allowing intensity modulated radiation therapy planners to localize the target using CT, MR, or MCD PET images. Model Based Segmentation (MBS) software automatically adapts a predefined shape to fit the patient's organs, while Direct Machine Parameter Optimization (DMPO) optimizes maps for desired dose distribution.

Philips Syntegra

Philips Syntegra software automatically superimposes physiologic data (such as PET) with anatomic data (CT or MR), simplifying tumor identification, shortening the radiation therapy planning cycle, and promoting more confident diagnoses.

Philips Big Bore CT

Philips Big Bore CT oncology configuration provides 4D visualization of patients with immobilization or patient monitoring devices, intravenous delivery devices, respiratory devices and other apparatus without compromising image quality or positioning. It also assists in more precise radiation dose calculations.

microSelectron Digital

The microSelectron Digital software assists with treatment planning and imaging solutions to treat cancer for which High Dose Rate (HDR) and Pulsed Dose Rate (PDR) brachytherapy is suitable.

Elekta Mosaiq

Elekta Mosaiq software assists radiation oncology teams in providing complex treatments to patients through an electronic medical record (EMR) solution that streamlines processes needed to plan, verify, and deliver advanced treatments.