Employee background:

I attended Troy University School of Nursing.

What is your title and what do you do at CARO?

I am a RN, OCN at CARO. This is a special certification in oncology nursing. I meet patients at the time of their consult, conduct patient education, work with the doctors and therapists to plan the care of the patient. I will take care of any and everything a patient or doctor may need. A big part of my job is to hold a patient’s hand and listen to them.

How did you become a part of CARO?

I started as transcriptionist at Jackson Hospital in their radiation department. I became interested in nursing and enrolled in nursing school. I graduated and started working at Jackson Hospital in radiology special procedures. I wanted to give something back to patients when I came to work here at CARO. I feel like I did a full circle. 

What do you like most about working at CARO?

The camaraderie of the employees. We really are like one big family. The doctors are great. We care about each other and about our patients.

When you’re not at work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Having fun with my family and especially my grandchildren. I have two-and-a-half-year-old twin granddaughters and a six-year-old grandson. I enjoy camping and going to new places with no itinerary. I also enjoy music.

Additional information you want to include in your spotlight:

I love the patients at CARO. They have taught me so much over the years. It is amazing to see the strength of someone’s faith. Sometimes you just sit and hold a hand and listen. Sometimes I’ve given an encouraging word and a year later, the patient comes back and reminds me of what I told them. I am very fortunate and blessed to have a job that I love, and to work for a practice that gives excellent care.