Our team of highly trained professionals share one goal:

To provide the very best care for you.

Central Alabama Radiation Oncology is committed to providing world class radiation technology and treatments to our patients. All of our physicians are board certified in radiation oncology and have years of specialized experience in radiation therapies for various types of cancer. Our nurses and technicians are skilled in delivering cutting edge treatments using the most sophisticated equipment and technology available. Our survivorship program exists to provide emotional health support to patients, helping them adjust to a new normal and live beyond their cancer diagnosis.


Our team of board-certified radiation oncologists is committed to providing world-class radiation technology and emerging treatments to our patients.

All of our physicians are board-certified in radiation oncology and have years of specialized experience in radiation therapies for various types of cancers. Our physicians are experts in the field of radiation therapy and have adopted the latest equipment and technology used to deliver therapy with precision accuracy. Your physician will serve as the team leader for your personalized care and work with other medical staff, including nurses and therapists, to coordinate your individual treatment plan.

Tony O’Steen, CPA


Experienced Vice President of Finance with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and healthcare industry.

Robert L. Franklin III, M.D.

Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Radiology, Dr. Franklin is also a past president of the Alabama Society of Radiation Oncology.

Michael L. Ingram, M.D.

Dr. Ingram graduated magna cum laude from the University of Louisville where he also received his medical degree.

Alex Whitley, M.D., PhD

Dr. Alex Whitley holds a Ph.D. in Gastrointestinal Malignancies with a clinical interest in head and neck, gynecological, and esophageal cancers.

John Jarboe, M.D.

Dr. Jarboe was born in Miami but grew up in Maryland. He is a former U.S. Marine and served two tours in Iraq while in college at the University of Maryland.

Ashley Stough, NP

Ashley Stough began her career in Washington DC, working in medical oncology at George Washington University Hospital after graduating with a BSN from Auburn University Montgomery in 2003.


Our registered nurses are caring and compassionate and serve as the cornerstone of our patient advocacy, education, symptom management and treatment procedures. During a time when you need help the most, our nurses will be right by your side.

During your radiation treatment process at Central Alabama Radiation Oncology, our nursing staff works continuously behind the scenes communicating with your doctor and coordinating your care. Our nurses spend a lot of time with patients and their families during the treatment process and for that reason, often end up becoming close friends. In most cases, our nursing staff is available to provide same-day care should you need treatment for side effects or have questions between regularly scheduled visits.


Central Alabama Radiation Oncology’s team of therapists utilizes the world’s most advanced technology to implement your personalized radiation treatment plan.

In addition to being the hands-on treatment administrators, our Radiation Therapists work with the Radiation Oncologist to design your personalized treatment plan. Our physics and dosimetry specialists coordinate, manage and monitor your treatments to assure the radiation therapy you receive is delivered with precision accuracy.

A Radiation Therapist will be with you during each treatment visit and will become a friendly face you can rely on. Radiation Therapists are an integral part of our team approach to your care and realize the treatment process is not just clinical for you. Your time is our time. We want you to be comfortable and want to provide you with the best possible treatment experience.


CARO is excited to begin offering cancer survivorship care. You have finished treatment, now what? Many patients express concerns about what comes next. At CARO, we want to partner with you as you make the transition from active treatment to living beyond your diagnosis. We are committed to supporting you on this journey. Check back soon for details.